All subject specialists participate in some form of teaching as a part of their work  – whether it’s leading or assisting a university course to giving guest lectures and open sessions. Below are a few unique instances of teaching that our librarians have facilitated.

Feyza Sayman, Turkish Studies Specialist

Since 1990, Feyza has taught a class called Turkish Language and Literature Conversation on U-M’s campus. “It’s mostly attended by retired professors and sometimes students; they love to discuss the subjects – literature, language, history. We get together once a week. It was an enjoyment for all of us, and I brought Turkish desserts which made the professors so happy. It was good to eat and talk, to share ideas and experiences. Now there are only three of the professors left, but we still get together once a week. It’s kind of a tradition now.”

persian collage

Evyn Kropf, Librarian for Near Eastern and Religious Studies; Curator, Islamic Manuscripts Collection

In March of 2015, Evyn co-taught with other colleagues a papermaking course at the British Library called “Traditions of Papermaking in the Islamic World,” which involved examining the papers of manuscripts. Evyn teaching a Papermaking course“I am primarily an Islamist, but also a manuscript specialist, so I have a lot of special information on manuscripts, and that’s rather unusual for someone in my field. I try to be pretty proactive with liaising with folks that work in areas of my subject purview. It is very special and valuable to me to enjoy the sort of work that I do.” To learn more about this course, visit this page from The Islamic Manuscript Association.